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The BeatBuds create a highly energetic and interactive musical experience for children.

"The BeatBuds offer the most entertaining and enriching interactive musical experience available for children in a group setting ...."

Erica Galloa
All Access Magazine

"We LOVE the BeatBuds! We drive all the way from Malibu to LA in traffic every week for our BeatBuds class!"

Heather F.

"We can’t say enough wonderful things about the experience of having The BeatBuds here at Wagon Wheel! Their music was super upbeat, original, and full of life."

Ruth Segal, Director
Wagon Wheel School

"The BeatBuds are AMAZING. Our children were enchanted and enthralled … I definitely would rank The BeatBuds among the best."

Cindy Ludwig, Director
Malibu Presbyterian Nursery School

Don’t delay, book The BeatBuds today!

The BeatBuds Promo Video

Why The BeatBuds?

The BeatBud’s world is made of music.

Whether they are playing at the Beverly Hills Farmers Market on Sundays, entertaining the troupes at your kid’s birthday party, or conducting a Kid-centric In-Home Jam Session – The BeatBuds always provide a fun, entertaining, inspiring, engaging, and educational musical experience. Their fresh sound and original music gets kids laughing, dancing, and singing right along with their parents. The BeatBuds musical duo Jonathan Jonah and Matthew Shapiro (aka Jonny Jingles and Matty Maracas) are dedicated to exercising your child’s mind through music. They love to inspire young families to sing, dance, and play along.

Do you know what it’s like to sing a song that started inside you to a room full of laughing, dancing children, who keep singing it, even after you stop? It feels like the world is made of music. And you are the world.

B.J. Novak

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"The Silly Monkey"

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