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The BeatBuds In-Home Jam Sessions

Introduce your child to the basic components of music in a home environment with The BeatBuds.

The BeatBuds In-Home Jam Session gives your child an opportunity to enjoy a diverse, fun, educational, and interactive music experience in the comfort of home. This group setting, allows children (6 months to 6 years) an opportunity to enjoy a “hands on” musical experience with their peers and parents. The BeatBuds will have your child “in” the music through the use of voice, real percussion instruments, various rhythmic tools, props, and their unique mini-band setup.

With music performance and arts degrees from California State University at Northridge and The Los Angeles Music Academy, combined with a versatile background in music education, Jonathan and Matthew have created 4 and 6-week sessions that introduce your child to rhythm and melody through their own unique approach.

Music matters and scientists know that there is a connection between music and the human brain. A life rich in music broadens children’s minds and adds color to the world. The BeatBuds are dedicated to exercising your child’s mind through music

Recently, due to popular demand and the need to satisfy a growing void in our community, Jonny and Matty have added members to The BeatBuds team to help them bring music making to more young children. For The BeatBuds and The BeatBuds team of musicians, making music has always been their passion. The BeatBuds mission is to introduce young children to the joy and benefits of music exposure through a fun and interactive approach.

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Jenna B

The BeatBuds have been a highlight of our summer. I asked The BeatBuds to do a session at our home one afternoon a week. Word got out in our neighborhood and next thing I know I have forty people at my house dancing to their upbeat and educational songs. I initially wanted to have The BeatBuds come out for my 2.5 year old but after the first class it was clear that my 10 month old enjoyed the beats and instruments just as much as his older brother. Matty and Jonny are excellent with the kids and super easy to be around. Their music is energizing and fun for all ages (including adults). We will continue with The BeatBuds as long as they will make the drive out the Palisades for us.

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