Birthday Party Program (Sat & Sun) $375
Play Date (Mon - Fri) $295

The BeatBuds program is a fully interactive 50-55 minute musical experience. Its mission is to engage kids through an original song catalog and inspire them to jam along as part of a fun rock band. By providing them with fun percussion instruments to play and using various rhythmic tools, the kids get their own spots in the band! The program caters to ages 6 months to 6 years (even adults too) and is strategically designed to hold kids' interest at every step of the way! *Please note that traveling outside of the LA Metro area or size of party may affect booking fees.

In-Home Jam Session (Set of 6) $180

The In-Home Jam Session is the perfect way to get parents and children feeling the beat and expressing themselves through music together. Through a set of 6 classes, The BeatBuds provides 2 team members to facilitate a 50 minute intimate musical experience each time. Its mission is to engage both parent and child through an original song catalog, some classics, and a taste of world music in an effort to make music a fun tool for self-expression. By providing the parents and children with real percussion instruments to play as well as using various rhythmic tools, interactivity is the ultimate goal. Both parent and child will move and groove and enjoy a special time each week. The In-Home Jam Session caters to ages 6 months to 4 years and requires a minimum of 8 children to activate. 

Special Events

If you would like The BeatBuds to play at another type of event not listed, please contact us here for a consultation.

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