Birthday Party

Throw your child a rockin’ birthday party with a fully interactive music show!

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  • 50-55 minute interactive music experience

  • 2 members of The BeatBuds team

  • Percussion instruments provided

  • Focus on the Birthday boy or girl (with discretion).

  • Happy Birthday song (if time permits)

  • 1-6 years

  • Saturday & Sunday

  • $395 (Additional charges may apply)

In-Home Weekly Jam Session

Why not host a weekly class with your mommy group and get the kiddos movin’ and shakin’ to the beat?

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  • 50 minute interactive music experience -2 members of The BeatBuds team

  • 6 class session

  • 8 kids minimum

  • Percussion instruments provided

  • 6 month 4 years

  • Weekdays

  • $200/Child

Play Date

Get a play date happening with your child’s classmates, mommy group, or neighborhood friends and enjoy a ‘hands on’ musical good time!

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  • 50-55 minute interactive music experience -2 members of The BeatBuds team

  • Percussion instruments provided

  • 1-6 years

  • Weekdays

  • $295 (Additional charges may apply)


Special Events!
Every children’s event can benefit from an interactive music experience. Let The BeatBuds kick your event up a notch and give the kids the musical good time they deserve!

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Booking Terms & Conditions

  • Extreme wet and hot weather is an inconvenience to any party! We know how frustrating it can be to plan every detail of your party only to experience an extreme weather condition. Please consider shelter and shade for the entertainer or have an alternative venue option prior to your day. The BeatBuds will assist in shifting your entertainers to an alternate, nearby location in the event that the party must be moved.

  • Should you wish to postpone or cancel your party date for any reason, we do require 7 days notice ahead of the day, to avoid charges.

  • We require a full payment in order to secure your booking.

  • Please make sure you have your phone handy as we will need to reach you on the day. The BeatBuds takes no responsibility for changes to the timing/structure of your event if this cannot be facilitated.

  • Every performance we do is in a different space, with a different audience and different conditions. Because of this, we may need to follow a party structure that differs from our ‘Plan A’ on the day. To help us provide you with the best possible party, we ask for your assistance in making yourself available during the party to talk to us about any changes as necessary. This way we can ensure the party is in line with your expectations given the conditions on the day.

  • It is a requirement of each booking with The BeatBuds that parking be provided or reimbursed by the client/parent. This has not been included in your party price. Should a parking space be unable to be provided on the day, parking costs will need to be reimbursed after the event. Please keep in mind that your entertainers may have equipment to carry and may be coming from another event. Close-by parking is essential to beginning the party on time and The BeatBuds will not be responsible for late starts, should this condition be neglected. Upon booking with The BeatBuds, the client agrees to this condition.

  • Access to a power point must be provided, whether by extension lead or direct access, unless otherwise stated. Please have this ready to go before the party to avoid delays to the start time.

  • It is the responsibility of all clients to provide a safe and workable environment for entertainers. Should a location or position be unacceptable in order to conduct our services to the highest standards, clients will be contacted as soon as possible and expected to comply with OH&S standards. This is inclusive of extreme weather day conditions. Should an entertainment experience be deemed unfit to continue due to these reasons, the client will forfeit the remainder of services and full payment will be retained.