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About The BeatBuds

Introducing young children to the pure joy and educational benefits of music by providing a fun and engaging musical experience that also exercises children’s creative and logical mind is what The BeatBuds are all about.

Beloved wherever they perform, The BeatBuds entertain, educate, and enrich young audiences with a refreshing array of original children’s songs that get the whole family singing, dancing, and laughing together.

Best friends and musical partners since the age of six, Jonathan Jonah and Matthew Shapiro share a love for music. For many years, they collaborated: performing with bands both nationally and internationally, producing many musical projects, and working side by side with world-renowned music producers.

Jonny & Matty of The Beat Buds

Even when life took them down different paths, that musical connection eventually brought them back together, when following a serious injury Matthew was assigned to a rehabilitation center less than a block away from Jonathan’s recording studio. The two trained musicians started jamming, exploring music, and organically writing songs to entertain the kids they loved so dearly – Jonathan’s young nephews and Matthew’s daughter. At this juncture, with Jonathan’s nephews and Matthew’s daughter as the barometer for every song written and recorded, the duo discovered a new audience for their music – children and their parents. Thus, The BeatBuds was born and their alter egos, “Jonny Jingles” and “Matty Maracas” came to life.

Ten original children’s songs later, The BeatBuds released their debut album, The BeatBuds Volume #1. At its launch, kids and parents in their hometown of Los Angeles, California, raved about Volume #1 and it continues to be enthusiastically received across the States.

The BeatBuds create children’s music with a contemporary sound, familiar to adults. So their songs educate and entertain kids and resonate with parents too. Through the use of major and minor keys and rhythmic and melodic exploration, The BeatBuds compose and perform catchy tunes that are rich both in spirit and message. Their lyrics touch upon a multitude of cultural and societal topics with titles such as Gravity, Sam the Garbage Man, and When the Rain Falls Down,for the whole family to enjoy.

When and how can you and your child jam with The BeatBuds? There are several ways: attend an upcoming performance, host or attend a Kid-centric In-Home Jam Session, or hire The BeatBuds as the featured entertainment for your child’s birthday party, playdate, or special event.

The BeatBuds perform acoustically. Their highly energetic and interactive performances create a musical experience that captures the essence of being young.

The BeadBuds - Illustration
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