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The BeatBASH!~ Check Out The BeatBuds @ The Roxy!

The BeatBASH!~ Check out The BeatBuds @ The Roxy!

Hi Everyone,

Its been on our minds for a couple years..but we thought…could it really happen? The BeatBuds on the Sunset Strip?? More and more the idea tickled us thinking about how cool it would be for families to enjoy a BeatBuds show at The Roxy Theater. Personally for us, having played tons of shows there through the years, it’s a must for us to show the Sunset club scene that The BeatBuds and its fans are the best out there and can hang in any venue. But we thought about it for a moment and realized that this can’t just be like any ole show where you show up, watch the band, and go home. The BeatBuds is founded on interactivity and the basis of making sure that the kids are part of the music experience. Therefore, we know that this has to be something special.

Special it is!!! And as a result, we are excited to present The BeatBASH! At the Roxy Theater on Feb. 27th from 11am-2pm, the most rockin’ family music experience will happen!  This is our very first official BeatBuds event and we are blowin’ it up! The BeatBuds will perform with a full band on The Roxy’s stage, and outside, the venue will be closing off their parking lot to accommodate food trucks, a photo both, a tattoo booth (for kids), an arts & crafts area, a kids train ride, and other vendors, for everyone to enjoy.

Your child’s ticket includes a FREE instrument gift bag/pack for them to jam out with us while we rock out on stage, and free access to all of the activities and vendors in the parking lot. Tickets are FREE for kids under 1 year old and $25 per ticket for the rest of the family. All the information you need is on a website we created specifically for the event:

But here’s the basics of what you need to know:

The BeatBuds @ The Roxy Theater – $25

Saturday, February 27th, 11am-2pm

~ Kids under 1 FREE! ~

Tickets available at:

• Free instrument gift packs • Kids tattoo both • Arts & Crafts table • BeatBuds photo booth • Train ride •  Food Trucks • and more!

Come on out and join us for this special event! Hope to see you there!

-Matty & Jonny ~The BeatBuds

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